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Cavs Hope Momentum And Effort Travel to Charlotte

By now everyone has had time to soak in the cathartic win over Miami, but there is still basketball to be played. Specifically, the Cavaliers travel to Charlotte to play the Bobcats tonight. While Cleveland's moment in the national spotlight may be over with, I know that the Cavaliers faithful will still be watching tonight. The question remains, which Cavaliers team will show up against the Bobcats? Can they maintain the fire and effort from last night's victory or will Cleveland be in for a predictable letdown? 

I honestly do not know the answer to that question. Neither outcome would surprise me, if that makes sense. I do not, however, think it will be somewhere in between. In my opinion, the Cavs will either come out firing or fall flat early on. Regardless, I think a lot will be revealed about the character of this team's lockerroom. The players are undoubtedly physically and emotionally exhausted and playing the 2nd night of a back-to-back on the road will not be easy. However, if the veteran leaders of this team help the momentum carry over to tonight's game, that would be impressive. Look for Baron Davis and Anthony Parker to motivate the younger players. We'll see tonight if Byron Scott can get this team to focus and string together a few wins to close out the season.