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Cavs Crush Bobcats' Playoffs Hopes, 99-89

It's hard to believe that a team that previously lost 26 games in a row may not end the year with the worst record in the league. However, with the Cavaliers' win over Charlotte on Tuesday night, the Timberwolves are extremely close to matching them. Cleveland stands at 16-61 and Minnesota at 17-61. During last night's game I really didn't know what to root for. I want the best odds at getting the number one draft pick, but I also cannot root against my team. Of course the Cavs wait until now to start winning games.

Ramon Sessions mixed it up a little bit and finally outperformed Baron Davis. Sessions racked up 18 points and 4 assists in only 21 minutes. J.J. Hickson was once again a complete animal down low, grabbing 19 boards to go along with 16 points. Hickson is really progressing as a player and seems to be fitting well with Byron Scott, finally. A little more defense and fewer midrange jumpers from Hickson would be nice, but we aren't really in a position to be picky at this point.

The most surprising and awesome part of last night's game was Ryan Hollins. The hero against Miami once again put together an incredibly solid performance. 16 points on 7 of 7 shooting from the field went a long way to help the Cavs take down the Bobcats

While the Cavs won the game, the story was more about the Bobcats. Charlotte is fighting for a playoff spot and a game against Cleveland seems like a divine gift down the stretch. Unfortunately for them, these Cavaliers had no interest in throwing the game in exchange for ping-pong balls and caught the Bobs off guard. Cleveland jumped out to a 20 point lead and never gave it up. The Cavs came out swinging and knocked Charlotte out early in the first half. 

Christian Eyenga saw only 7 minutes in this game, which is kind of surprising. His minutes have really taken a hit recently and I would like to see more of him, but apparently Byron Scott and I see things a bit differently. The Cavaliers have another winnable game against the Raptors tonight in Toronto. We want the top draft pick, but a few more wins may be a nice way to head into the off-season.