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More Draft Possibilities For Cavaliers

Prior to the NBA Draft Combine, I had convinced myself that the Cavaliers were going to be able to grab Kyrie Irving and Enes Kanter with their two first round picks. Now that the combine has come and gone, Kanter's stock has obviously skyrocketed. Many teams, such as the Wizards, were impressed by the polished offensive game that Kanter displayed in the presence of legitimate competition. Several other questions about Kanter were answered when official measurements were taken and he proved to have the necessary size for an NBA center (he measured at 6'11" in shoes). While these are all good things that certainly stood out to the Cavaliers' front office, they undoubtedly stood out to other teams as well.

Kanter seemed to specifically grab the attention of the Utah Jazz. Unfortunately, the Jazz possess the 3rd overall pick and have the ability to grab Kanter right before the Cavs have the chance to do so. There had been reports of Kanter skipping out on the interviews with the Jazz organization, but any conspiracy theories were squashed when the two parties announced that Kanter would visit the Jazz for a full-day workout and interview later in June. 

I had been confident about the abilities of Enes Kanter, but apparently, now the Utah Jazz are, as well. In SBNation's most recent mock draft, Tom Ziller has the Jazz selecting Kanter with the 3rd overall pick. So, where does that leave the Cavaliers? If we assume that the Cavs are taking Irving with their first pick (which I believe is a safe assumption), there are several interesting options for the 4th pick even with Kanter off the table. There have been reports that the Cavaliers are actively trying to trade the 4th pick along with the Traded Player Exception to acquire talented, established players. Rudy Gay's name has been thrown around in trade rumors, but the Cavaliers have been unsuccessful in working out such a deal thus far. Two of the more intriguing names at the 4 spot are Jonas Valanciunas and Jan Vesely. It's hard to know exactly what these players have to offer because I don't expect many Cavs fans to have watched a whole lot of European basketball this year. Both players are athletic power forwards and could be viable scoring options in the post for Cleveland. Of course, neither player is without their own question marks. Jonas Valanciunas has a tricky contract situation in Europe and buying him out would be quite expensive. However, Dan Gilbert has shown that he is clearly willing to spend the money to improve this team, so it isn't clear whether this present a real issue or not. As far as Jan Vesely is concerned, many scouts have been disappointed in the lack of improvement in his shooting. Most thought that another year would allow him to make significant progress on his jumper, but this does not seem to be the case. 

Ultimately, both players are possibilities at this point. The feeling I get is that if Kanter is available, the Cavs will sprint to the podium to hand in their pick. If he isn't there, expect to see one of these two players or other options, such as Bismack Biyombo. There does not appear to be a consensus regarding the Cavaliers draft preferences. The Cavs face the problem of deciding what to do and have a number of choices to make. This is a good problem to have.