Anthony Parker Apparently Done In Cleveland

* Word is that Cavs guard Anthony Parker has moved out of his Cleveland home and does not plan to return once the lockout ends. Parker is an unrestricted free agent and 36-years old. The Cavs love him, as he’s just a good all-around person to have on the team. But he’s clearly not part of the Cavs’ long-term (or even short-term) plans and he knows it.

* Parker is a native of Napervile, Ill., and very well could end up with Chicago. He would be an excellent fit on a team that finished with the league’s best regular-season record, as the Bulls could definitely use the perimeter shooting and defensive attributes offered by the 6-foot-6 guard.

* Parker is also considered a real candidate to play overseas during the lockout. He spent five seasons in Israel earlier in his career, and another in Italy. He has a strong history in international basketball, having been voted Euroleague MVP on two occasions.

This is according to Sam Amico from Fox Sports Ohio. We basically knew that Anthony Parker's time was close to being done with the Cavaliers, but this report makes it sound official. I'm not sure this really matters too much for the Cavs, however, they now have one less veteran. Furthermore, there is an even bigger question mark at shooting guard. The NBA Draft did not address the issues at the 2 spot for Cleveland and it will certainly be something to keep an eye on going forward.

 Ultimately, this does not really qualify as news, but it is relatively intriguing in a very slow off-season due to the lockout. Anthony Parker still has the ability to be a productive NBA player, but he will no longer be with the Cavaliers. 

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