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FearTheSword Blog Changes

The NBA lockout has significantly stifled any news regarding the Cavaliers and every team for that matter. However, we do have a bit of minor news to announce here at FearTheSword. Since the blog's inception, it had been run by John Bena. At this point, however, he has become quite busy with the SBNation Cleveland Regional site and has passed FearTheSword off to me.

The change will not bring too many apparent changes but I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to create an active community of Cavaliers fans. This is my first role as the primary editor and manager of a site such as FearTheSword, so I am always open to suggestions and advice. In order to make the blog as informative and enjoyable as possible for everybody, feel free to email me at I'll do my best to respond to any and all comments, suggestions, etc.

The lockout presents a difficult situation as far as new, interesting content is concerned, but some of my new writers and I have come up with some things that should be able to start valuable discussion. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for Cavs and FearTheSword updates at @ConradKaczmarek. If you are interested in writing or contributing to FearTheSword, we are certainly looking for a new writer or two. Send me an email and we can talk about the possibility of joining the team.

The changes are minor and nothing changes the mission of this particular blog. We are committed to creating a great community and atmosphere for fans of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Go Cavs!