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Rookie Cavaliers Headed Back To Class

Earlier on Monday, the Cavaliers' top pick in the draft, Kyrie Irving sent out the following tweet:

Just picked out my classes for this Fall...back to school it is!!!

Due to lockout, NBA players are beginning to realize that the start of the upcoming season will mostly likely not happen as scheduled. Therefore, players have to find something to do with the excess time on their hands. You have undoubtedly heard the multiple reports of NBA superstars fleeing to Europe to continue their professional careers but two of the Cavaliers newest members have decided to return to campus for another semester of classes.

Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson represent the future cornerstones (hopefully) of Cleveland's franchise and have (wisely) chosen to further their education rather than risk injury while playing competitively overseas. A story from TSN explained Thompson's situation and decision to head back to the University of Texas. Below is an excerpt from the linked story.

"My mom (Andrea) told me if you're going to leave school to go to the draft, and there is a lockout, I need you to go back to school and continue on with your degree," Thompson said in a phone interview from Austin. "I was all for it. You can't say no to your mom."

Both will continue to practice with their former teams although they obviously cannot compete at the NCAA level now that they have gone pro. In my opinion, this is an excellent sign. It says a lot about the young players that the Cavs have drafted when both of them feel the need to continue their education instead of looking for a quick contract overseas. In a lockout that has provided very little as far as NBA news is concerned, this is a welcomed nugget. It's good to know that the young talent comes packaged with good character as well.