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Cavaliers D-League Open Tryouts

Think you can be the next Cavaliers shooting guard? (Yeah, that's not saying much.) Well now you can tryout for the Cleveland's newly acquired D-League team located in Canton, Ohio. Although still without a proper name, is holding open tryouts at the beginning of October for the organization.

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ new NBA Development League franchise in Canton will hold open player tryouts in Canton and Cleveland, the Canton team announced today. Open tryouts will offer players the opportunity to showcase their talents and earn an invitation to the team’s official training camp in November.

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The information for the tryouts can be found on the team's official website or by clicking this handy link.

While people were eager to make jokes when the team announced the tryouts, I truly believe that this is a great thing to have. Now that the Cavaliers have their own D-League affiliate, they ought to take advantage of it. Many teams in the NBA fail to use the D-League as a way to develop and find overlooked talent. While it lacks the depth of the MLB's minor league farm system, using the new team in Canton as a minor league NBA team simply cannot hurt. If only one serviceable NBA player comes from Canton, that's significantly more than many NBA teams are doing.