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Cavaliers by the Numbers

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With 15 games in the book already for the Cleveland Cavaliers it's time to take a look at some of the most eye opening numbers on their stat sheet:

(Editor note: stats through 14 games)

*4-4 - This refers to Anthony Parker at the free throw line all season. He's our starting shooting guard and is playing 23.3 minutes a night but he's only shot FOUR free throws. Wow.

*22.8% - It's obvious the Cavaliers have struggled with turnovers this year and Alonzo Gee's turnover percentage has been staggeringly high early this year.

*50% - Young Kyrie Irving has shot the ball extremely well this year and his field goal % backs that up. Few point guards who shoot many outside shots keep a percentage so high. Hopefully he can keep it at least above 47%.

*42.6% - Tristan Thompson can't shoot free throws very well. This is going to be a consistent problem for years to come and something we all whine about unless he can get it up somehow to, at least, an acceptable 65%.

*9-41 - This is what Daniel Gibson has been shooting inside the arc this year. That has to be about as bad as anyone in the league.

*16.0 and 9.9 - For those of you into projections, that is what Tigger is at per 36 minutes this season. Assuming he progress and figures out how to shoot free throws you should be optimistic about his future.

*0 for 15 - Not a single player who has played a minute for the team this year is shooting better than 50%. Currently, Gee and Irving have made half of their shots, but not even a single big man is better than that.

*99/108 - This is Anthony Parker's offensive and defensive rating, which suggests we score 99 points per 100 possessions with him on the floor and we give up 108. Parker has been easily our worst rotation player this year and I could have picked almost any of his numbers here to prove it.

*+11 - The Cavaliers best 5-man unit this year has been Ramon Sessions, Gibson, Gee, Antawn Jamison and Anderson Varejao and this is their point differential.

*0 - Jamison has not dunked the ball once this year and is our starting power forward.

And finally here are the net PER's per position for the Cavs so far:

PG: +5.5

SG: -2.9

SF: -1.2

PF: -2.1

C: -1.3

These are just some things to chew on, think about. What other numbers stand out to you?

(Editor's note: stats courtesy of Hoopdata, 82games, and Basketball-Reference)