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Anthony Parker and Daniel Gibson Out Against Boston

The Cleveland Cavaliers will be without a viable shooting guard on Tuesday against the Boston Celtics.

Anthony Parker was injured during the 2nd quarter of Sunday's 88-87 win in Boston and was unable to return with back spasms. Daniel Gibson sat out Sunday's game with a stiff neck and stayed over night in Boston to have additional tests on his neck. Neither guard will be able to play in Tuesday's game which means that you (yes, you) may have a chance to be the starting shooting guard for the Cavaliers!

Seriously though, if I had to guess, I'd say that Mychel Thompson will be the starter. If not Thompson, it will be Alonzo Gee. Or Byron Scott could use my idea and just pick a random fan from the crowd.

Here's your daily reminder that Kyrie Irving is a total boss.


Irving over his game-winner for Cavs vs. Celtics on Sunday. "It's time to move on.''

Yeah, spinning through the lane for the lefty layup game winner in Boston -- no big deal. Nothing to see here, carry on.