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Should Alonzo Gee start?

New Cavaliers small forward Omri Casspi has been a mild disaster to begin his time as a Dan Gilbert employee. The season sure is young still but his play has been passionless thus far and Byron Scott likely is concerned.

It looks like Casspi is really struggling to get comfortable on the team and just can't get much to go positively.

His numbers so far have been truly terrible so I'm beginning to get concerned now. His shooting percentage, rebounding rate and turnover numbers have all taken significant spikes for the worst. It's actually baffling to see how bad those things have been compared to the first two years of his career.

It seems like Scott has lost some faith in him as Alonzo Gee has had some nice moments of late and often is the first sub into the game.

Gee has essentially taken the majority of the minutes at the position from Casspi and has played some of the best hoops of his brief NBA career. He has been efficient in his scoring and has been a solid passer from the games I have watched.

I definitely do not believe it's time to get Gee into the starting five. I feel Casspi is so low on confidence these days and he's taken the transition to Cleveland harder than we realized he would. Seeing Gee play so well has really been surprising and I don't really expect him to keep it up.

In studying Casspi he has regressed a bit each season in his young career. It's imperative that he adjusts mentally and physically to the game so he doesn't continue to get lost out there on the court.

Also I just don't think it will make a huge difference who starts as the team will probably play pretty similar regardless.

Are you ready to get Gee in the lineup or would you give Casspi even more minutes to get his much needed rhythm back?