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Who to Follow for Cavaliers Media Day

While I'll be updating this story stream regularly throughout the day, perhaps the best way to follow along with Cavaliers media day is Twitter. Here's a list of Twitter accounts you should follow so that you don't miss any coaching platitude or any unbounded optimism. This is the beginning of training camp, everybody is in the best shape of their lives and everybody wants to win the NBA Championship. It's naive, but it's fun. Let's do this.

Fred McLeod: Cavaliers television play-by-play announcer

The Plain Dealer's Cavs reporters

Brendan Bowers: Stepien Rules Cavs Blog

Jason Lloyd: Akron Beacon Journal

Bob Finnan: Cavs reporter for The News-Herald

If you follow those guys and read the updates that I'll post to this stream, you'll be covered. Let me know if you think there's anybody worth following that I forgot to list.