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Kyrie Irving Says Hand is 110%, Added Post Game

Kyrie Irving missed much of the summer with a broken right hand. He'll be back and better than ever for this year's training camp, though.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

While I was quite disappointed that I was unable to see Kyrie Irving play in Summer League, he is back and completely healthy for the start of training camp. Actually, if you believe Kyrie, he's better than healthy. Last year's NBA Rookie of the Year claims that his right hand is "110%". If you know anything about math at all, that's not possible. Unless he had some bionic implants and can now shoot rockets out of his right hand. Then he's correct. And that's awesome.

Because he was unable to use his right hand for several weeks, Kyrie insinuated that he has been working on his left hand. Considering the fact that he was basically ambidextrous last year, this is scary. Irving told Brendan Bowers of that his left handed floater is "something serious."

Bowers also noted that Kyrie put on a couple more pounds.

When asked, however, Kyrie said that adding weight this off-season was a personal goal of his. He said that he felt the additional weight will help him withstand the season long pounding he'll receive while attacking the basket.

This is significant for anybody who was really concerned about Kyrie's durability. A bit more muscle should be able to help him stay on the court more often. Irving is already pretty big for a point guard and this should just further that advantage. Kyrie added that he had been working on a post game. Teams will be focusing more on Irving and adding another dimension to his game makes him that much more difficult to defend.