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Fear The Sword Fantasy Basketball League

Check out the FearTheSword fantasy basketball league where you may or may not have a chance to win a prize!

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Some of you have inquired about the possibility of a FearTheSword fantasy basketball league. As always, your wish is my command. I created a fantasy basketball league on Yahoo! and now we need to fill it. I have no idea how many of you are interested in playing fantasy basketball this year, but I encourage you to do so. The league I set up is a 12-team league (so 11 more players needed), but I can always make another league if we have more interested players.

It's not a huge commitment as I set it up for *weekly* roster locks instead of daily. This way, you just need to make sure that your roster is set each Sunday night and not every single day. It's head to head using categories and I set the draft as Saturday, Oct. 20th at 1 PM, but I can always change that to a time that's better for everybody in the league.

In order to join the league, you must comment on this thread that you want to join AND email me at From there, I'll send you an invite and you'll be all set.

Fantasy basketball is a lot of fun, but it's less fun for everybody else if you join a league and then never check your team again after the draft. So only join if you think you can actually be active throughout the season. I will work on figuring out some sort of prize for winner and runner-up (I'm open to suggestions).