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NBA Preseason: Cleveland Cavaliers Waive Justin Holiday, Kevin Anderson

The Cleveland Cavaliers have made their first steps towards cutting the 20-man training camp roster down to 15 before opening night. Wednesday afternoon, the team announced that they waived both Kevin Anderson and Justin Holiday.

Stephen Dunn - Getty Images

And then there were 18. Hm, that didn't come out as good as it sounded in my head. Regardless, the Cleveland Cavaliers' training camp roster now stands at 18 players with the announcement that the team waived both Justin Holiday and Kevin Anderson. The team made this announcement through their official site on Wednesday afternoon.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have waived guard Kevin Anderson and guard/forward Justin Holiday, Cavaliers General Manager Chris Grant announced today from Cleveland Clinic Courts.

Anderson appeared in one preseason game, scoring three points in five minutes. Holiday also appeared in one preseason game, scoring three points in 12 minutes.

It's a bit curious that they would waive these guys so soon, but it makes sense on two levels. First, it's just not natural to have this many players on a team. It's really difficult to get everybody adequate playing time and pay specific attention to each player when there are 20 guys. In addition to that, it's just being fair to the players. If Chris Grant and Byron Scott have already made the decision that neither Holiday nor Anderson will be making the final team, it's fair to let them go and pursue other options without wasting their time.

Personally, I thought Holiday was impressive in both Summer League and his very limited minutes in preseason. That said, it was always a long shot for him to make the team. I knew roughly nothing about Kevin Anderson and they cut him before I was able to bug any of my D-League contacts about him. The Cavaliers need to cut three more players before opening night on October 30th.