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President Barack Obama Talks Cavaliers Basketball

When election time comes around, politicians will look for just about any angle to try and reach an undecided voter. In the all important swing state of Ohio perhaps the key swing demographic is white, working-class males. Which leads us to President Barack Obama going on Cleveland's 92.3 The Fan on Thursday and doing his best to show sports diehards that he is a regular guy who watches SportsCenter just like them, and is perfectly at home speaking to issues that really matter to the undecided voter: the fate of their hometown sports teams. President Obama actually is a pretty big sports fan, particularly of basketball. Check out what he had to say about the Cavaliers.

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To the President's credit, he isn't a guy who changes his favorite teams based on what crowd he happens to be in front of. He has spent most of his adult life on the south side of Chicago, and as such cheers for the White Sox, Bears, and Bulls. As a St. Louis Cardinals fan, I actually think its pretty fun when he rags on the Chicago Cubs. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is also consistent with his sports teams. He grew up in Michigan, and describes himself as a fan of the Michigan Wolverines.

Either the President really knows his Cleveland sports, or he got a good briefing before he went on the radio show. When asked about the Cavaliers, Obama showed that he has particularly followed point guard Kyrie Irving, as CBS Cleveland reports. Here's what President Obama said about the Cavs:

"Byron [Scott] is a fine coach, and does a great job, Kyrie not just met expectations, he exceeded them. He showed what he could do last year, and despite occasional injuries, he’s just a solid player that doesn’t make a lot of rookie mistakes, has a shot, good off the dribble, knows how to find the open man, it’s a lot of talent at the point guard position, (the Cavs) just need to round it out."

It does make sense that the President would be a fan of Irving, as the latter has helped the former raise money for the campaign. He went on to say that he thinks the Cavaliers are well on their way to becoming a winning team, but just need to find a couple more pieces to the puzzle. The President noted that if it were up to him, LeBron James would have still left Cleveland, but opted for the Bulls over the Miami Heat. Regardless of your political beliefs, I think it is pretty cool to have a President who likes and understands basketball. No word yet on whether Romney will counter Obama's move here by going on Toledo's 106.5 The Ticket to discuss Toledo Walleye hockey.