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A Cavalier You Don't Miss: J.J. Hickson

He was supposed to be a face of something. In the end, he became the face of nothing. Today, we're the monkey on his back and the second before the crash.

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He's already 24.

Is he even as relevant as Grady Sizemore anymore?

Just a few short years ago he was lauded as a potential second superstar for the Cleveland Cavaliers and someone who was a near lock to win multiple titles for your Wine and Gold.

It's pretty clear that all of that weight and stardom that seemed destined for the North Carolina State star hasn't come through and it's funny to think about how much we expected from him and now he's almost become just a blip on the NBA radar (although his stint in Rip City may prove that statement harsh).

Your memories of his are probably like mine are:

Hinging our hope on this Georgian was so easy to do. With a fairly old roster full of complimentary players he was burdened with more than most players selected where he was in the NBA Draft.

He had battles with coaches but was constantly that guy who the Cavaliers didn't get everything out of. Or wait, isn't he more to blame for getting less than everything from himself?

It takes young players years to learn how to make it in the NBA. It's a topic that's been beaten on the head by nearly every analyst from every sport.

It's really simple, though. When you're adjusting to something surround yourself with great people and the best will come out of you. What and who did he surround himself with?

His game didn't shine out on the floor of the Q. Did you realize that on paper his numbers from 2008-2009 and 2009-2010 look pretty solid?

It's funny how someone picked as low was expected to bring so much to the table. Remember how young he was when selected? Remember how many times he let you down? He was the 18th pick.

But still, I'm frustrated with how things happened. We tried to force him into a "role" which was ridiculous. You know who actually was good? Big Z. Andy? He's also really good, too.

This kid, he was supposed to be good.

He toiled out west last season after being dumped to Sacramento in a pitiful trade for both sides in the deal for Omri Casspi and a protected first round pick.

That didn't revive him. But why should it have? He went to Sacramento. Who ever flourishes there?

What about that 19 game stint in Portland? Does that make you want him back?

Do those numbers tease you? (Not guilty)

Do the rejuvenated advanced stats scratch you right where you itch? (Guilty)

Where was his career supposed to go?

It was supposed to go all the way. He was supposed to win 16 games in the playoffs. No, not in his career. We had him pegged to do it many times in a single season.

His playoff "legend" consists of going scoreless in seven of eleven games during the 2010 postseason.

That's right, seven goose eggs from eleven.

In what ended up being the end of some special days for Cavalier fans, in the one game which ended it all, do you remember what he contributed?

Were you captivated by his 0:10 of playing time?

That James Edward Hickson, Junior?

He's gone and you don't miss him.