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Cleveland Cavaliers Video Chat Season Predictions

Because SBNation is super dope, we've branched out beyond just putting words on your screen. Now, you get to see our ugly faces on the screen as well. I talked to Seth Pollack about the Cavaliers' upcoming season.


Have you ever wanted to hear talk about the Cavaliers while also getting to see me awkwardly look into a camera? Well now you get to. SB Nation is encouraging us to branch out into even more sources of media and with that comes the video chat via Google+ hangouts.

This video is pretty basic as Seth and I go over the general outlook for the upcoming season. But if you like this style of presentation (it'd get less awkward as we do it more, I promise), I'll harass the other writers on the site to do some with me. I think this would be good for quick discussions or debates about things. Sometimes a longwinded email conversation doesn't quite do the trick. This could be an interesting alternative. Enjoy and feel free to make fun of my goofy voice.