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Kyrie Irving Wearing Wristband to Support Local Cavaliers Fans

Kyrie Irving is a tremendous basketball player. But by all accounts, he's also an incredibly mature and impressive young man as well. Check out this story about how Kyrie is showing support for local Cavs fans this season.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

I've got to give huge props to Zachary Kolesar from Fansided's Right Down Euclid for this story. His post explains how Kyrie Irving is wearing a wristband in remembrance of four Cleveland area teenagers who passed away in a car crash earlier this year. You have to read the whole story, but the idea that a professional athlete would so willingly and eagerly agree to wear this wristband without any prior knowledge of the situation is quite amazing.

We know about all of the remarkable things Kyrie does on the court. Now here's him acting as a community leader and all-around good person. We're damn lucky to have Kyrie Irving wearing Wine and Gold and representing Cleveland.

From the time that the accident occurred and now, the banding together of a tight-knit Cleveland suburb produced countless acts of kindness toward the families and those close to the victims. Having Irving, an NBA superstar in the making, display the bracelet wherever he goes means a lot to a community remembering the lives of four impactful teenagers. That was evident from watching his Twitter feed over the next few days. He responded to many former and current Brunswick students, saying that they were "basically family now" and that he is "honored to wear (the bracelet) everyday."