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NBA Preseason Final Score: Cavs 80, Bucks 97 -- Instant Overreactions

The Cavaliers lost to the Milwaukee Bucks in their preseason opener on Tuesday night. Here are my overreactions based on that one game.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers lost their first preseason game Tuesday against the Milwaukee Bucks by a score of 97 to 80. It's only preseason, but that doesn't mean we can't wildly overreact to it. You'll get a full recap from me tomorrow morning. But for now, let's go over some exciting overreactions.

Jon Leuer is the best shooter alive.

When the Cavs picked Jon Leuer up off waivers, I was skeptical that he'd even make the final team. After hearing Byron Scott talk about his game, I was much more confident that he'd be on the roster. After seeing him shoot those 15-18 foot jumpers tonight, I'm ready to say that he's Hall of Fame material.

(But seriously, he looked pretty good. That jumper should opening up the paint a bit more.)

C.J. Miles gets buckets.

Some people have been wondering who will replace the 18 points per game that we lost when Antawn Jamison took his weird layups and missed jumpers to Hollywood. Well look no further than Mas Fresco. CJ's stroke looked nice out there and he even threw the hammer down at one point. C.J. Miles is easily the second best shooter alive (after Jon Leuer, of course).

(But seriously, Miles looked comfortable and confident. He squared himself to the basket and let it fly. The shots were falling for him.)

Dion Waiters is the worst player ever.

Dion Waiters missed at least a billion shots tonight. He's a bum and a bust. Every decision he made was the wrong one and he might have even gained 10 pounds during halftime. He'll never amount to anything.

(But seriously, Dion had a rough night. He was forcing shots and just never looked comfortable. That's going to happen -- it'll take some time. I'm not the least bit worried.)

Kyrie Irving is ridiculously awesome.

Wait, this isn't an overreaction -- my bad.

Truthfully, it wasn't a good game. It was almost as if the team had only been together for a week and were still learning the offensive and defensive plays. Team ball security was an issue and that's to be expected. As I said earlier, I'll do a full recap for tomorrow morning. Leave your immediate reactions/overreactions here.