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Byron Scott Not Interested in Lakers Coaching Job, Wants To Stay in Cleveland

After the Los Angeles Lakers fired their head coach, there was much speculation about who would replace Mike Brown. Naturally, the media asked Cavaliers head coach Byron Scott about his interest in the vacancy.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

The Los Angeles Lakers sent ripples through the entire NBA when they decided to fire head coach Mike Brown after just five games. The Lakers started the year 1-4 and concluded that they had seen enough and showed the former Cleveland Cavaliers head coach the door. Now, they have to find a replacement for him.

When Phil Jackson retired from coaching a couple of years ago, current Cavaliers head coach Byron Scott was one of the names possibly linked to replacing him. Having played with the Lakers and grown up in California, he seemed like a logical choice. Instead, Scott ended up in Cleveland.

During the pregame meeting with the media, reporters naturally asked Byron is he had any interest in the coaching job in LA. Byron Scott made it clear that he had no interest and is perfectly happy with the job that he has:

"As I stated in the summer, I made perfectly clear, that I am perfectly happy here in Cleveland. I love what we’re building, I love what we’re doing. This might be a good time to ask Dan can I get another four year extension."

Despite the poor win-loss record that the Cavaliers had built up during Scott's time in Cleveland, it's obvious that they are building something. The four draft picks of Kyrie Irving, Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters, and Tyler Zeller are something to be excited about. Before even hearing Byron's comments I assumed that he wouldn't want to leave. He basically hand-picked Dion last June and has built a nice relationship with Kyrie. I assume he wants to see this thing through. I was surprised, however, by his apparent willingness to lock in for another four years. If Chris Grant and Dan Gilbert decide to keep him around, Byron is more than willing.

"With the young guys we have and the draft picks we have coming, I want another four years when my contract is up. It might be a good time to start politicking for that. So that’s how I feel."

It's early and the team doesn't have all the necessary talent yet, but I like how it's coming along. The organization recently picked up his option for next season.