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Luke Harangody's Diary: First Entry

What you are about to read is an excerpt from Luke Harangody’s personal diary. Despite recently injuring his knee, Luke is able to look at the bright side of life.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

My Super Awesome Plans for Christmas Vacation.

Boy, oh boy! I'm so excited that I get to have a Christmas vacation this year! Gosh, I was super worried that I wouldn't get Christmas off again! When I came into the league last year, I couldn't believe that we had games on Christmas Day! I asked Coach Rivers if I could take the day off because I wasn't even active, but he just told me to ask Kevin :(. I hope I never spend another Christmas crying in the stall of a locker room!

Anyway, this year is gonna be different! Mr. Carr told me that I should make a list of what I want to accomplish with my six weeks off (I think that's what he meant. What he really said was "NOW DON"T BE A MOUSE IN THE KITCHEN AFTER DARK YOUNG MAN HURRHURRHURR."), and I think that's a swell suggestion! Sure, I wish I could be with my team cheering them on, but like my grammy always says, "when life gives you lemons!"

1) Go Sledding

1) Rehab my knee. I need to get back as soon as possible! You never know when Coach Scott will call my number!

2) Have a milk chugging contest with my big bro, Ty! I'll definitely win this time!

3) Show off my fancy new car around Schererville! I bet the gals at the dairy will be so impressed that they'll stop making fun of how close together my eyes are!

4) Watch college basketball! I sure hope Notre Dame does better than the L-oosiers, haha!

5) Ice Skate! Olympics here I come!

5) Ice fishing! Hopefully Ty doesn't have to pull me out of the water again!

6) Make a snowman! Last year I made a snow-woman (with boobs, haha)!

7) Don't eat yellow snow (remember, Luke, it's not lemon flavored no matter what Ty says!

8) Buy presents for the team! Hopefully my Cleveland teammates like my pinecone bird feeders more than the Celtics did!

9) Go to the Mall to ask Santa for presents! Boy, I sure am lucky that Santa takes the time to come to Schererville! Maybe this year he'll bring me the Lego sets I keep asking for (I sure hope he doesn't remember that I choked on a few of the last pieces he brought me)!

Well, Diary, that's about all I can think of right now! I'm sure that I'll check back in later, but I think I smell my mom's famous miracle whip and marshmallow pie coming out of the oven!