Looking Ahead to Free Agency

The Cavaliers have had a less than ideal start to the season but at least we have a few exciting players to watch. As bad as the start has been, there is legitimate reason for hope in Cleveland which is something we have not had since He Who Shall Not Be Named took his talents (and our playoff aspirations) with him to Miami.

The Cavs starters have played well enough to win games this season. Our bench has completely and utterly failed. If you take a long view of the season, this is okay. We have a shot at another impact player in the draft (Which has 4 good players then falls off of a cliff), and we have more available cap space than any other team. I took a brief look at the available free agents and who the Cavs may be able to target to help us improve to a borderline playoff team next season, then possibly a legitimate contender a year or 2 after that.

I ignored players like Dwight Howard, and Chris Paul, they are not coming here.

1. Andre Iguodala – I think the Cavs should throw the sun, the moon, and all the stars at Iggy this off-season. He is exactly what the Cavs needs from the SF position. He is an elite defender, he can slash, he can pass, and he will be worlds better playing with an elite PG like Kyrie Irving. He’s a good locker-room guy; he’s a good 3rd scoring option. I think Coach Scott can maximize his skill-set

2. Paul Millsap – A multi-talented PF who is active on both ends of the floor and can create his own shot on offense. Millsap also hits free-throws at a rate of 70% which allows him to stay on the floor in the 4th quarter. Signing Millsap allows us to move Tristan Thompson to a bench role where is he is better suited. Millsap has found himself displaced by Derrick Favors and is expected to leave at the end of the year.

3. Josh Smith – I don’t really think he’ll come here but I would be remiss to not list him.

4. Chris Kaman – Kaman is an active center who is still in his "Prime." While not an exciting free agents signing, Kaman is a quality NBA center with a variety of offensive skills. He would allow Varejao to move to his natural PF position, and would move TT to his natural position of first big man off the bench. (Sorry, no TT love here, he can’t play in crunch time until he can make free throws or score). Also, Kaman is another tall slow white guy, if we can sign a few more we’ll have an entire set!

5. JJ Redick – Again, not exciting but with Boobie Gibson unlikely to return unless he’s overpaid (a contending team will be far more attractive to a 3 PT bench specialist), we will need an affordable option that can come off the bench and shoot.

6. Jarrett Jack – Affordable backup PG option.

7. Tony Allen – Combo guard who can come off the bench and play NBA-level basketball.

-I did not list Andrew Bynum on purpose. I do not want to give max money to a head-case who cannot stay on the court. Argue this all you want but a max contract that plays every other season is the best way to torpedo the Cavs rebuilding efforts.

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