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Cavs Rebound Against 76ers, Win 92-83

The Cavaliers are going to have some rough nights without Kyrie Irving. This was not one of them. Jeremy Pargo put the team on his back, Dion Waiters added some nice passing and timely baskets, and C.J. Miles made a few huge three pointers. The Cavaliers got a much needed win and morale boost.


The mood of Cavs fans heading into this game was not positive. It actually is kind of amazing what an injury to Kyrie Irving does to the city of Cleveland. But Jeremy Pargo, a man who as recently as two weeks ago was not even dressing for Cavaliers games, stepped into the starting lineup and simply made plays. He had four points in the first few possessions of the game attacking the basket, and all I could think was "Wow, these Philadelphia players were out a little too late last night", and "This really can't be sustainable, right? Kwame Brown has to rotate at some point in the game. Oh, wow, its Kwame Brown, this actually might be sustainable!" He ended up with 28 points on 11-19 shooting.

Dion Waiters had a sort of classic Dion Waiters game. He wound up with a not-so-efficient 16 points, but all of his baskets seemed to come at exactly the right moment, and his passing continues to be pretty good, when he decides that is what he wants to do. His fade-away 18 foot jump shots off of his step-back move make me want to throw something at the television.

It was a great night for Anderson Varejao who was simply all over the place and got a ton of rebounds and all of the things you can expect me to say about him that he brings just about every night. He is a really good basketball players. Zeller and Thompson struggled a bit more. I blame a combination of their masks and some interesting officiating. Varejao actually got a technical foul after Evan Turner got a jump-ball ruling by holding onto Andy's arms while he held the ball. Which was pretty ridiculous.

That is about all I got, sorry its not more in depth. Lesteria gives way to Pargomania, or Pargomonium.