Shabazz vs Nerlens

Assuming both are available, who ya got? (Might as well get the stupidity out here, lol) Yes, it's way too soon, so much can change between now and draft day...from the Cavs draft status, to the players injury status (or their ability to play at a high level all season long.)

In one corner, you have Nerlens Noel, a 6-11 PF/C shot blocking prospect who would make for a nice 4-man rotation with Thompson, Varejao and Zeller. His 7'4 wingspan means he should be another good rebounder on this team that already has 1 of them in Tristan Thompson. (Varejao isn't a good rebounder. He's an elite rebounder!) Of course, like many young big men, he needs to add muscle to his frame. He's also a bit lost on offense (TT anyone?)

Then there's Shabazz Muhammad, a 6'6 SG/SF with a nearly 7' wingspan. Very intense athlete who has an improving jump shot and handle. I believe he's drawing comparisons to MKG (a guy I loved coming into this last draft.) He's more of a driver than a shooter and tends to not create for his teammates (a la Carmelo Anthony, without his shooting stroke).

Or, you could be driving the younger Zeller bus (I'm thinking it'd be a nice guy to have on the team if either of these guys aren't available.) Mobile big man with high BBIQ and some pretty decent post moves in the limited action I've seen him. Needs to work on his rebounding and will likely never be a decent (let alone good) shot blocker.

Anyways, let the debates begin! For the sake of this debate, let's assume the Cavs have the 1st overall pick (so all players are available.)

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