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Released The Gody -- A Poem Remembering the Former Cleveland Cavalier

It's a Fear the Sword tradition. In the spirit of the Cavalier Poets from English Civil War, it is now time to bid farewell to the irreplaceable Luke Harangody who was waived earlier today by the Cleveland Cavaliers.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

Like an unexpected breakup, I now find myself in stunned silence.

Unknown is my future, upended is my world.

Knee surgery has cost you your spot on the Cavaliers.

Everyone's favorite human victory cigar has been snuffed out.

Hard times have fallen upon the Cavaliers.

Another injury to Kyrie Irving has left the team without their leader.

Really though, the hardest player to lose has been you, Luke Harangody.

Anytime you were on the court, my heart would swell with adoration.

Not one for flash, you played with the most fundamental of fundamentals.

Graceful your jump shot was not and yet, dangerously effective it was.

Offense blistering, you set the D-League on fire.

Defenseless, I find myself mourning for your loss.

You will be missed. Best of luck Gody.