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Cleveland Cavaliers at Los Angeles Clipper Preview: Byron Scott Invents Time Travel

The Cleveland Cavaliers move on to the second of their 6-game road trip and take on the best team in Hollywood. The Cavs will try to come back from a devastating loss to the Bucks by taking down the Clippers at the Staples Center.

Stephen Dunn

The Cleveland Cavaliers had some time to lick their wounds after a rough weekend. Friday night, the Chicago Bulls beat the snot out of them by a score of 115-86. And on Saturday, Brandon Jennings drained a buzzer-beater three to give the Milwaukee Bucks a 105-102 victory. Tonight, the opponent just gets tougher.

Who? Cleveland Cavaliers (1-2) at Los Angeles Clippers (2-1)

When? 10:30 PM Eastern

Where? Staples Center -- Los Angeles, California

Where on my eyeballs? Fox Sports Ohio or NBA League Pass

Are tickets still available? Cleveland Cavaliers tickets.

I need a Clippers perspective: Clips Nation

Give me a song, set the mood, you know how I like it, uhhhhh:

Okay, weirdo.

I assume that everybody knows today is a monumental day in the history of the world. It's November 5th -- which means this is the day that Doc Brown invented the flux capacitor which is what makes time travel possible.


This is a nice segue because it brings me to the best thing about tonight's game: I feel like we're seeing some bizarre fold in the space-time continuum when Kyrie Irving and Chris Paul matchup against one another.

Several years ago, Byron Scott had the opportunity to draft a freakishly skilled, quick, intelligent point guard. He put up an insane rookie season and quickly launched himself into the upper echelon of NBA players in the entire league. Someone, Scott got in contact with Doc Brown and was able to do the exact same thing later in his career. Tonight, those two point guards play against one another. Irving vs. Paul. Uncle Drew vs. CP3. The Point God vs. The Point God Jr. --- we're gonna see some serious shit.

Outside of the two hyper-efficient point guards, the Cavaliers are totally outclassed in this matchup. Blake Griffin will be a terror on the block for Tristan Thompson. A bench unit led by Jamal Crawford will eat Luke Walton and Donald Sloan alive.

The only real chance that the Cavaliers have to challenge the Clippers is if Anderson Varejao and Thompson can eat all of the offensive boards. DeAndre Jordan is certainly prone to getting lazy and unfocused. If he fails to box out, you know Andy will dominate and get the Cavs lots of second chance opportunities.

Byron Scott insinuated that he will be switching up the bench rotation (thank god). I doubt he changes the starting lineup, but I suspect he will stop doing the whole hockey shift thing. We'll probably see three bench guys playing at a time instead of all give. Maybe that will help us not get destroyed. But probably not.

Fear The Sword's Fearless Prediction:

Pain. Their bench is going to slaughter ours. Let's just hope Dion Waiters and Kyrie go nuts and that we get to see some dope Blake Griffin dunks. Clippers roll 109-95.