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TBJ: Dion Waiters Is Confident In His Skating Ability

The Basketball Jones provides us with this lovely bit of information about our new shooting guard. I basically love Dion Waiters.

Jason Miller

The Basketball Jones is probably the best NBA podcast out there. They discovered this gem about our new shooting guard, Dion Waiters.

I still haven’t gone out yet in Cleveland, though. I just go to practice, come home, chill. That’s pretty much it, every day, all day, so I haven’t been out yet. I did go out bowling and played pool a couple of times, but that’s pretty much it. I’m looking for a skating rink out here. Kyrie told me there’s one about 30 minutes from him so I’m probably going to go one day. I don’t know if Kyrie really knows how to skate, like I really know how to skate. He probably can skate a little though.

So our stud point guard loves musicals and our shooting guard loves skating. Is this not the most likable team ever? Now I just need someone to make a "Waiters Gonna Skate" photoshop meme and everything will be perfect.