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Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Los Angeles Lakers Prediction/Troll Thread

The Cleveland Cavaliers play against the Los Angeles Lakers tonight. Talk about the game before the game actually starts, if you so desire.


The Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers face off tonight at Quicken Loans Arena. On the surface, this just looks like another boring game between two lottery bound teams. But if you look deeper, it's much more than that.

First of all, Kyrie Irving is coming back.

Second, this might be a chance for Cavs fans to laugh at Lakers fans. And who doesn't love that?

Third, we get to see Dwight Howard potentially really embarrassed by continually clanking free throws. I really don't like Dwight Howard.

Fourth, Kobe might freak out and kill one of his teammates. Or just get pissed off and shoot the ball 50 times. Or demand that the Lakers trade for Smush Parker so he can diss him to his face. Or fire another head coach. The possibilities are endless/hilarious.

And finally, the Cavaliers are going to win tonight. They might not, but I'm going to say that they will by a score of 106-94. And Kyrie Irving drops 34 points in his return from injury.

Go ahead and add your prediction for tonight's Cavs-Lakers game and be sure to troll Lakers fans while you do it.