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Cleveland vs. Indiana Final Score: Pacers Smother Cavaliers, 96-81

The Cavaliers and Pacers participated in one of the worst basketball games of all time.


Ugly, ugly, ugly.

After a great first half in which the Cavaliers scored 58 points, the Pacers totally locked down on defense. The Cavs barely scored over 20 points in the second half (no seriously) and fell to Indiana on the road, 96-81

1:05 remaining in the 4th 1 2 3 4 Total
Cleveland Cavaliers 29 29 12 10 80
Indiana Pacers 25 27 28 13 93

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C.J. Miles had another monster game, but that's pretty much it. Everybody else sucked, including Kyrie Irving.

Samardo Samuels did some okay things.

Tyler Hansbrough is a total spaz. That's pretty much all I've got.