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Cavaliers and General NBA Mailbag Type of Situation

Hey, gang. You should send me question and stuff and I'll answer them if I can. Sound good? okay.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings, friends.

Since we've kind of hit our stride with the season, I figure it's a good time to ask what YOU guys want to hear or read about. Doing this blog thing and talking to basketball heads on Twitter all day, sometimes I start to ignore things that I think are obvious or meaningless and then fail to mention them in blog posts. So this is your chance to ask me (or any of our other writers) stuff that you've been wondering about.

Ask me your questions, I am not afraid.

I have access to some statistic databases that you probably can't get to, so feel free to ask stuff about some advanced stats that you're curious about. The lineup data that I have access to is particularly interesting, for what it's worth.

So you can leave your question here in the comments, or you can email me at, or you can ask me on Twitter at @conradkaczmarek or @FearTheSword.

Here's what you should and shouldn't do:

Don't ask if I know anything about trade rumors or if I have inside information about potential moves. If I know something like that, I'd tell you guys and it wouldn't take a direct question to get it out of me.

Do ask my opinion on a trade rumor or random trade that you made up with the Trade Machine. I'll happily give my thoughts on such a topic.

Don't start your question by stating an opinion as fact. For example, don't do this: "Tristan Thompson sucks! Why do you think he sucks so bad?"

Do point out something that you've noticed and ask if I can explain why it's happening or if I have noticed the same thing.

Do ask about other NBA teams if you want. I watch a good deal of basketball outside of the Cavaliers, so I'll talk about other teams as best I can as well.

Other than those things, ask whatever. Once I get enough decent questions, I'll answer them in a post -- probably a few days from now or something.