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You Thought THAT Was a Disservice to the Fans?!

On Friday, NBA Commissioner David Stern fined the San Antonio Spurs $250K for benching their starts for Thursday night's game against the Heat, a move that Stern has called a "disservice to the fans". The Cleveland Cavaliers front office should be thankful that Stern has apparently been ignoring the Cavaliers in the post-Decision world because, well, let's face it, there's been some great disservice going on in Cleveland.


David Stern clearly hasn't been paying attention to the Cleveland Cavaliers. There's no way. That's the only way I can explain how the Cavaliers haven't been fined for "disservice to the fans". If the act of benching four of your star players (three of which are over the age of 30) for the fourth road game in five nights after two more crucial players have gone down with injuries is enough to warrant a $250K fine, I can only imagine what the Cleveland Cavaliers would have had to pay if David Stern cared enough to realize the Cavaliers did any of the following:

  • Danny Green was one of the four players benched for Thursday night's game against the Miami Heat. If benching Danny Green is enough to contribute to part of the $250K fine, what should the Cavaliers have paid for waiving him in 2010 so Anthony Parker and Daniel Gibson could get more playing time?
  • Speaking of which, Anthony Parker averaged 29 minutes a game that year. HE WAS 35 YEARS OLD!
  • The following year, Chris Grant stated that re-signing Anthony Parker was the Cavaliers top priority after the lockout ended. And with that, the bittersweet news when the lockout ended that while there would be basketball that year, Anthony Parker would again be the starting SG for the Cleveland Cavaliers. He averaged 25 minutes a game that season.
  • Lest we forget, Anthony Parker was not nearly the worst player the Cavaliers have started in the post-LeBron James era. To name a few of the more memorable scrubs to start for the Cavaliers in this period: Christian Eyenga, Luke Harangody, Ryan Hollins, Semih Erden, Jamario Moon, Joey Graham, Manny Harris, Leon Powe, Mychel Thompson, Donald Sloan and Ben Uzoh.
  • Q: Who won the J.J. Hickson for Omri Casspi trade? A: No.
  • Luke Walton was coming off the bench in front of Samardo Samuels. Granted, Samardo's not setting the NBA on fire, but still, this is evil.

But these are just moves by the front office or coaching decisions. We haven't even gotten to the on-court product yet. And in case you're wondering, I can't blame the front office for not moving Antawn Jamison. Lipstick on a pig and all that.

  • Setting the NBA record losing streak at 26 games in 2011. TWENTY-SIX GAMES! You know who watched all of those games? Me. You know who recapped all of those games for a blog that like 50 people read? Me. You know how much I hated myself during that period? A whole lot.
  • Ah, but let us not forget, that 26 game losing streak could have very easily been 37. If not for an overtime victory against the New York Knicks that snapped a then 10 game losing streak, the Cavaliers historic cold spell would be even worse.
  • The worst game of that 26 losing streak? Game #11, when the Los Angeles Lakers absolutely demolished the Cavaliers 112-57.
  • But let's go even further back. Many forget that the Cavaliers were actually hovering around .500 to start that season off. What changed? While, LeBron James made his return to the Q and dropped 38 points. I should also add that he sat the entire fourth quarter. The Cavaliers response? Hugging and laughing. This was the second game in their 1-38 streak.
  • Enough of that season though, things would surely get better once Kyrie got to town, right? Nope. The Cavaliers suffered their worst home loss in franchise history, getting blown out by 39 points by the Chicago Bulls who were without Derek Rose.
  • And then Kyrie got hurt, ushering in the Donald Sloan era. While we have those loses to thank for Dion Waiters now being on the team, that does little to heal the wounds left by the Detroit Pistons. Remember that game when the Cavs were down 100-50 at the end of the third quarter? I do. Thankfully for us all, I just happened to be live-blogging that one. Read that Stern. Soak that in.
  • Memories of that night are coming back. I'm going to walk away from my computer for a short while.
  • Alright, so that season ended and now we have Dion Waiters. Things should be good, right? Nope. Kyrie's out another two weeks. Tyler Zeller and Tristan Thompson both broke their faces and are wearing masks that make them look like mummies. The Cavs are 4-12, currently third worst in the league.

I'm sure I've either forgotten or repressed like 80 other terrible Cavalier moment. Let's keep this going. We'll get this notarized and send it to David Stern once we've aired all our grievances. I'm sure he'll send us that money he fines the team.