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A Merry Cavs-mas: Ten Merry Things About the Cleveland Cavaliers

The Cavs have many things to be sad about, but there are also quite a few things that we can be merry about this Christmas.

What is there to be merry about as a Cavs' fan this Christmas? Well, here are ten things:

Kyrie Irving: The Cavs have one of the most fun players in the NBA playing for them. We get to see this on a nightly basis and that's all that needs to be said:

Assist of the Night - Kyrie Irving | NBA 2012-13 Season Nov 13, 2012 (via MsJonaVideo)

Anderson Varejao: This has been Varejao's merriest season to date, with a career high 22.2 PER. He also leads the NBA in rebounding a 14.1 per game, and is bringing down an insane 5.5 offensive rebounds per game. Let's wish Andy a speedy recovery, and hopefully, he is someone that we can continue to be merry about during the 2013 holiday season.

Tristan Thompson's slow but steady development: Tristan is the object of many Cavs' fans ire, but he has unquestionably shown progress as the season has worn on. Since Varejao's injury, Thompson has averaged 13.3 points and 13 rebounds per game. Okay, so it's only been three games. But it's good progress for a guy that has continually drawn the disdain of Cavs' fans who are saddened by his slow-developing offensive game. If his offense ever catches up to his defensive acumen, the Cavs will have a keeper on their hands with Thompson.

Dion Waiters: Fine. The guy has been streaky as possibly imaginable. He may never be more than a high-volume shooter who scores in bunches one game then kills his team the next game. But that seems like a low estimate of his skill. Assuming his FG% at the rim ever gets better (seriously, he's shooting 38.6% within 9 feet of the hoop this season. That's insanely low and bound to improve just by the luck factor), his shooting stats will improve and look stronger. Plus, there's the added bonus that he's decidedly NOT Anthony Parker. Which is always nice.

Tyler Zeller: He's starting to come around offensively a little bit by staying closer to the bucket these last couple games, and certainly looked much better defensively than I ever imagined he could against the Bucks on Saturday, forcing turnovers and playing tough against a hot Larry Sanders.

The Jeremy Pargo Game: You guys all know what game I'm talking about when I refer to "The Jeremy Pargo Game" (in case you don't I linked it for you because it's awesome). Pargo hit shots from all over the place to score 28 points and lead the Cavs to their third win of the season. That game alone was probably worth his contract this season.

Seriously, somehow we beat the best team in basketball right now on their own floor earlier this season: I have no idea how this happened, and I imagine that neither the Clippers nor the Cavs really have any idea either.

We also beat the other, more talked about team in Los Angeles: Okay, this one happened because Kyrie is a wizard and Lakers can't do anything to stop that. It makes me extraordinarily happy that the Cavs were responsible for the Lakers' low point this season.

Byron Scott: Well, maybe Coach Scott isn't that merry this season (thanks to Greg Wissinger of Sactown Royalty for that one) since he's making the Cavs practice on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. However, I'm at least happy they have a coach that is willing to see the rebuild through.

Luke Walton: Seriously guys, do you know how much comedic fodder that guy has given me this season. If that's not something to be merry about, I don't know what is.