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Cleveland vs. Chicago: Bulls Dominate Cavaliers, 95-85

The Cleveland Cavaliers faced off against the Chicago Bulls in a horrible basketball game. I apologize to anyone who watched it.


This is so painful. The Cleveland Cavaliers played without Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters once again -- and it sucked. Without their two playmakers, the Cavs have no offensive flow. Even Anderson Varejao's offense takes a considerable hit. The end result was a crappy 95-85 loss at the hands of the Chicago Bulls.

Apparently Marco Belinelli is some sort of superstar now. He scored 23 points to go along with Luol Deng's 22 points.

Donald Sloan (!!!?!?) led the Cavaliers with 14 points and Cleveland shot 37% from the floor as a team. Get well soon, Kyrie and Dion.

Varejao extended his streak of double-doubles and 15+ rebounds to ten games.

Other than that, it wasn't fun. Here's an adorable GIF to ease your mind.

Final - 12.5.2012 1 2 3 4 Total
Chicago Bulls 27 18 27 23 95
Cleveland Cavaliers 11 24 28 22 85

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