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Cleveland Cavaliers Assign Jon Leuer to D-League Canton Charge

The Cleveland Cavaliers have made a groundbreaking roster change. It involves a guy that is tall and is named Jon.


Jon Leuer has been assigned to the D-League, the Cleveland Cavaliers announced Friday morning. This is hardly considered a ground-breaking roster move, but is still noteworthy. The Cavs picked up Leuer this offseason in hopes that he would be able to contribute as a big man off the bench. Thus far, he's been pretty terrible.

Leuer has played in five games this season for the Cavs, averaging 3.2 points and 2.0 rebounds in 14.4 minutes per game.

He will be available for the Charge’s next game, Saturday, December 8th at Springfield against the Armor.

Being assigned to the Canton Charge isn't really anything to look down upon, though. It's merely the proper use of the Cavs' D-League affiliate. By having the Charge at their disposal, Byron Scott and Chris Grant can offer guys like Leuer the necessary playing time to continue getting better. If Leuer has fallen out of Scott's rotation for the moment, why not get him minutes elsewhere?

This move would indicate that Kevin Jones made an impression on Byron Scott -- enough of an impression to launch him ahead of Leuer on the bench. People have been excited about the Cavs calling up undrafted free agent, Kevin Jones, but you ought to keep in mind that Leuer wasn't getting minutes either. If we think of this as a simple switch, Jones merely takes Leuer's spot on the bench.

I think it would take some injuries or extended garbage time in a game for us to see Kevin Jones get on the court in the near future -- but we'll see.