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NBA Rumors: Ramon Sessions Likely Traded Before Deadline

We all know that Ramon Sessions has been on the trade block for some time now and that there are several teams interested in his services. Among these teams are the Los Angeles Lakers and possibly the New York Knicks.

On our site, we have offered a few possible trade scenarios, most of which involved getting a player back in return for Sessions. The current reports around the league, however, make it seem like the Cavaliers are more interested in getting a first round draft pick in exchange for Razor Ramon.

Bob Finnan at the News-Herald reports that the Cavaliers will essentially be accepting nothing less than a 2012 first round pick for their backup point guard.

That's one reason you'll hear Sessions' name a lot in trade talks, as evidenced by recent rumors of the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks inquiring about his services. The Cavs want a first-round pick in exchange for Sessions.

Now, we know that the Lakers need a point guard and are most likely still interested. However, they might also be waiting to see how the Dwight Howard situation works out. They don't want to trade away any assets that might help them get Howard.

The Knicks have recently found surprising production from guard Jeremy Lin. Lin was an undrafted free agent out of Harvard and has played very well for the Knicks in his first three starts. Whether or not the Knicks believe that Lin is the real deal will determine if they are still in the running for Sessions.

Kurt Helin from NBC Sports hints at the idea that there may be more than just these two teams looking at Sessions.

They should get that and maybe a little more, if a bidding war starts. Sessions is a solid point guard, and there are a few teams that really need one of those right now.

All of these reports and rumors seem to indicate that Sessions will get traded and that Chris Grant is actively shopping him. It also sounds like there are already teams willing to part with a first round draft pick in exchange for Sessions. If Ramon continues his strong play while Kyrie is sidelined, he may be able to boost his value even further.