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Anderson Varejao Out Indefinitely With Broken Wrist

Bleehhhhhhhhhh. That's my reaction to this news. We thought it was just a sprained wrist when the initial x-rays came up negative. Later, the MRI revealed that he had a fracture in his right wrist and that he will be out for some time.

Just as the Cavs were starting to get healthy with Daniel Gibson coming back from a neck infection and Kyrie Irving presumably coming back on Wednesday from a concussion, Andy goes down. When Varejao got hurt last season, the Cavs then plummeted to the cellar and lost 26 games in a row. I doubt that will happen this time around, but it will definitely be a rough stretch.

It doesn't appear that the Cavs will make any sort of trade for depth up front, but their interior defense will inevitably take a hit. Having Semih Erden, Ryan Hollins, and Samardo Samuels playing significant minutes is never a good thing.

For those of you that wanted the Cavs to tank and get a better draft pick, you might get your wish. The loss of Anderson Varejao will lead to many more losses and I could see Cleveland falling to get the 5th or 6th pick in the draft now. Obviously we'll see how his absence affects the team once they play a few more games without him, but I'm not confident.

There is currently no timetable for his return and we'll learn more once he gets evaluated again by team doctors. I'll keep you updated, no worries.