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Anthony Parker Remains Doubtful For Wednesday

Sidelined with a sore back for the past seven games, Cavaliers starting shooting guard Anthony Parker remains doubtful for Wednesday's game at Quicken Loans Arena against the Indiana Pacers.

The 6'6 Parker, who shoots 0.9 free throws per 36 minutes, is averaging just 6.0 points per game this year and just over 2 rebounds and assists.

Should Parker not get to full fitness by Wednesday, it is likely that Daniel Gibson again will start in his place.

With injuries mounting on the Cavaliers it is nice to see the team in a prolonged home stand.

As Conrad noted earlier, Anderson Varejao will not play Wednesday and this is unfortunate because I would have liked to see him thoroughly outplay ALL-STAR Pacers center Roy Hibbert as I suspect he would have. Oh well.

Anyways, Varejao will be missed. Parker won't.