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Clearing Up Some Roster Myths

There are a few roster issues I've noticed that many people aren't quite aware of on the site of late so today we're going to clear that up. I'm also going to archive you back to any of the stories that Conrad or I wrote about this stuff so you can read about it in more detail if you want.

Manny Harris has no ties at all to the Cavaliers anymore. He was cut on December 22nd and cannot simply be "called up" at any time. To rejoin the team somebody would have to be waived. Check out Conrad's post on the day Manny got the ax.

That issue is related to the next thing we need to clear up. Anthony Parker and Luke Harangody are not going to get cut. All contracts that were non-guaranteed like Harangody's are now fully guaranteed for the season as I wrote very recently. Alonzo Gee is also here to stay but I didn't mention him because it's obvious he's not getting waived. That deadline was important. You'll notice how Mychel Thompson got cut right before it. Since all those wing players aren't going anywhere it is tougher for Harris to get a shot back in Cleveland.

The Cavaliers aren't simply going to get rid of Parker or Harangody since they are guaranteed money. Here's what I wrote when Parker signed.

Also, Anderson Varejao is not getting traded.