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Five Fake Kyrie Irving Trades

Kyrie Irving is one of the best assets currently in the NBA. How great? I'm going to take a look at that. That's why I'm asking you members of the commentariat to help me out.

In this series I'm going to write five articles about Kyrie for "Star Player" straight up trades to see whether I'd do them or not. You guys are to come up with four of the people for me to write about in the comments. I'm picking the fifth.

Your rules are simple. You can pick anybody in the league whether it is an All-Star, or not. Basically, whoever you think it would be interesting to see me debate the merits of a Kyrie for "Star Player" trade.

Obviously this doesn't mean I want to trade Irving because that's not true. I'm just attempting to measure his value across the league and show you where he actually does rank.

Again, I'm picking one of the players so you all need to leave me some names in the comments of who you want me to see if I would "fake trade" Kyrie for.