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Lottery Balls: Week 1

You may or not be interested in the amount of lottery balls the Cleveland Cavaliers will have in May's Draft Lottery but I'm all over it. I'm constantly checking the standings because I want a Top 5 pick. I don't want anything like the current spot we sit in no matter how many good players you think there are, 9th.

Thus, I'm going to start tracking where the Cavs are at in this process throughout the rest of the season as long as it is something people are interested in.

It's looking extremely tough for the Cavs to jump into the Top 3 spots so I'm going to start this week by listing the teams as of today who are in a battle with us for those coveted draft picks.

See where the Cavs stand after the jump.

Standings are as of Thursday afternoon.

5/6. Detroit Pistons: 9-22

5/6. Toronto Raptors: 9-22

7. Sacramento Kings: 10-19

8. Phoenix Suns: 12-18

9. Cleveland Cavaliers: 11-16

10. Milwaukee Bucks: 12-17

11. Golden State Warriors: 11-15

12. Minnesota Timberwolves: 14-16

Good News: Kyrie Irving is a future All-Star regular.

Bad News: We're as close to the 19th pick as the 3rd. This is awful.