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LeBron James Attempts To Make Up With Cleveland

This dude drinks a ton of Vitamin Water and doesn't read all that many books...
This dude drinks a ton of Vitamin Water and doesn't read all that many books...

(SB Nation Cleveland, James Brady) Cleveland Cavaliers fans, all of your prayers have been answered. That is to say, they've been intercepted and misinterpreted by LeBron James of the Miami Heat. Formerly LeBron James of the Cavaliers, he left for the Heat after a ridiculously long buildup and eventual hour-long special on ESPN in which he announced "The Decision," stringing along fans of his hometown Cavaliers and the rest of the NBA while doing so.

Previously, James had apologized for the way he handled it, and now he's doing it again. More than that this time, James is opening the door to potentially returning to the Cavaliers some day, accord to the Plain Dealer on Twitter:

LeBron James says he made a mistake in he way he left Cleveland and tells Cleveland media he could see returning.

That's right, James is open to returning to the team that probably hates him more than anybody else does, and that's saying something. He's one of the most disliked figures for fans of most teams, not just the Cavaliers, but that's neither here nor there. Even without all of the nonsense in the buildup to this, it is still pretty odd to hear a player already talking about returning as he hits his stride with his new team.

James does go on to add that, if he decides to come back (The Decision 2017?), he does hope the fans will accept him. So there's that. Who knows how the fans will feel about him in the future? It could likely depend on how good Kyrie Irving ends up being in the long run. Again, this is all providing that James is sincere, the plausibility of which is open to interpretation.