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Keith's Talkin'

I came across a well written post by FTS member CLEcavsoutsider and he had some interesting points in his piece that I wanted to comment on.

In 17.4 MPG, Thompson is averaging 7.1 PPG. 4.7 REB, .458 FG%, and he's currently shooting .408 FT%. Yes, Thompson has great leaping ability, but so did Hickson. What Thompson's numbers reflect, is that he doesn't finish strong at the rim, though he is decisive, when he gets the ball in the post. His first move, is to the basket, without hesitation. Because his FT% is so poor, he's a risk on the floor at the end of games, so you may lose his energy, effort, and length, under those circumstances. To make matters worse, in his last 10 games 15.6 MPG, 5.6 PPG. 3.6 REB, .379 FG%, and on the season, he only shoots .360 FT% at home. He's either regressing, he does currently have an ankle injury, or he's hit the rookie wall. Casspi isn't having an impact, and Thompson's has been limited. Combined, they don't have the impact that Hickson had the last 4 months, of last season.

I'm actually not at this point super high on Thompson either because I'm just not excited about energy big men who can't score. With Anderson Varejao in the middle we're simply not going to be getting away with playing Thompson huge minutes down the road if he can't become more than an energy scorer. I'm aware he's young and has growth to do but he simply hasn't shown much in terms of becoming a real threat offensively to me yet.

In leading the Cavaliers past Chris Paul, and the Clippers from Lob City, Sessions showed he is more than capable. I seen enough in him last year, for PG not to be a position of need, and priority. Some time, time and opportunity, doesn't change public perception, or assumptions. At 25, Sessions is in a very good position moving forward, and he's handled his situation here with class. At 25 where can the Cavaliers find an available PG better? They can draft one with an acquired draft pick? They can trade for one? Whats better, than what you have in Sessions right now?

I'm really thinking Sessions also is going to really bring in quite a few phone calls to Chris Grant in the next couple weeks. Let's just hope when he does get dealt it's not for two picks in the 20's!

What other points brought up by Keith intrigued you?