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Game #28 Recap: Cavaliers 87, Heat 111

Pathetic. Humiliating. Embarrassing. Spineless.

You guys got any better words to describe that game?

Cavs Leaders: Points: Irving, 17; Rebounds: Thompson, 6; Assists: Sessions, 5

Quick Thoughts:

That was so bad. I was incredibly embarrassed watching that game. That was one of those performances that made me sick to my stomach. If someone asked me "Hey you're a Cavs fan, right?" last night, I would have considered saying, "Not tonight I'm not." It was that bad. Utter obliteration in a game that the fans wanted more than any other. Disgraceful.

I talked about how Byron Scott would get his guys fired up and ready for this game. Apparently he didn't, but should it really be necessary for the coach to do that? I mean, this is against the Heat with the craziest crowd of the year. The energy is the arena was obviously crazy, and you come out and start the game down 20-2? Please. That goes beyond Byron. That's just pathetic on the part of the players. Scott had one of the best quotes I've heard.

Byron Scott told Waiting For Next Year:

"It boggles my mind that you're scared of another man."

That sums it up perfectly. How are you going to let one player intimidate you and thoroughly embarrass you on your home court? The Cavaliers looked scared. They looked like they didn't want to be on the floor mere minutes after the opening tip.

Beyond the utter lack of effort, I don't really feel like analyzing the actual play on the court. The Cavaliers could do nothing well and had no chance of stopping Miami on the defensive end. Wade and James did whatever they wanted. Mario Chalmers was seemingly always open for a three pointer.

Kyrie Irving couldn't get going despite a few spectacular layups. He struggled shooting the ball (5-15) and couldn't really get other guys involved (just 2 assists).

Overall, everybody looked overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed. I hate watching my team get curb stomped on their own court and I hate it even more when they just sit there and let it happen.

Notable Performances:

There were no notable performances. Everybody sucked.

Fear The Sword's Player Of The Game:

There were no players deserving of this honor. Not even me -- I turned the game off after the third quarter.

Here's my final thought about this game, just fill in some of the words and make it relate to basketball. That's what we got last night.