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Kyrie Irving Invited To Compete In NBA Skills Challenge

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The Saturday before the all star game features all those random/cool events. You know -- the dunk contest, the 3-point shootout, and the Skills Challenge.

According to multiple reports, the NBA has extended an invitation to Kyrie Irving to participate in this year's Skills Challenge. Irving will join other elite ball-handlers, Tony Parker, Russell Westbrook, John Wall, Deron Williams, and the 2011 champ, Stephen Curry in the competition.

The contest doesn't mean a whole lot, but it's just another awesome thing that Irving gets to do in his rookie season. I know how some people feel about all star weekend, but personally, I love it. I love seeing all the players just goofing around and showing off how freakishly athletic and talented they are.

As you know, Tristan Thompson joins Irving in the Rising Stars game on Friday night. Irving will now compete in the Skills Challenge on Saturday night. Don't look now, but if Derrick Rose's injury keeps nagging him, there's a slim chance we see Irving get invited to the main event on Sunday night as well.