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Lottery Balls: Week 2

After a depressing last game before the All-Star Game break, the Cleveland Cavaliers finish the "first half" of the season at 13-18 and a .419 winning percentage.

As the college basketball season is about to hit its peak, the draft scrutinizing will be getting very high.

And my dreams of the Cavaliers somehow slipping into the Top 5 of the May Draft Lottery just keep on getting worse.

Check out where the team would be in the Lottery Ball Standings after the jump.

8. Sacramento Kings: 11-22

9. Milwaukee Bucks: 13-20

10. Phoenix Suns:14-20

11. Cleveland Cavaliers: 13-18

12. Golden State Warriors: 13-17

13/14. Utah Jazz: 15-17

13/14. Boston Celtics: 15-17

Good News: Kyrie Irving is going to have a great All-Star Weekend.

Bad News: The Cavs are six games from the 23rd pick and the same distance from the 3rd pick.