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Tigger Puts On A Show

Getty Images

While Kyrie Irving's performance will long be the story remembered from last night's BBVA Rising Stars Challenge, Tristan Thompson's performance was enough to lead team Shaq in socring

The lefty hit 10-11 shots (meaning the Cavalier rookies went 22-24 for the night) and was throwing down dunk after dunk.

Thompson was overlooked in the draft between Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal but ended up having a very productive night.

Thompson's special game was the most underrated aspect of the game to me. As evidenced by Thompson's comments afterward the event, he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

"I think I only missed one shot, (it was) all dunks," smiled Thompson after the affair. "If the season was like that, it’d be pretty funny. But it was great, I just dunked the ball. It’s an All-Star game and you have to enjoy yourself."

What stood out most about Thompson's performance to you?