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Glancing Up To The Rafters

Getty Images for NASCAR

I was taking a look at some of the background on the Cavaliers and their history through a website which allows you to search a large database of every team to find any historical information on them.

One thing that piqued my interest was the players who have had their jersey retired by the Cavaliers franchise because I wish I was able to see these guys play more in their prime.

Take a look at the list of players with their jerseys retired after the jump.

Austin Carr, #34, 1971-1980

Brad Daugherty, #43, 1986-1994

Larry Nance, #22, 1988-1994

  • I'm not quite sure what Larry is up to, but his wikipedia page says his son plays Division I basketball for the University of Wyoming and his daughter also plays Division I for the University of Dayton.
  • Here's a video of Larry Nance Jr. dunking:

Mark Price, #25, 1986-1995

Bingo Smith, #7, 1970-1979

  • I'm currently unaware of his whereabouts.

Nate Thurmond, #42, 1976-1977

  • He owns his own restaurant, Big Nate's BBQ, in San Francisco.

What memories do you have, if any, of these legendary Cavaliers? Did you find anything else interesting in the database I linked to?