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Midseason Awards: Cavaliers First Half MVP

It's somewhat arbitrary because we're only 31 games into a shortened season, but I'm sure people will still debate about it: who has been the Cavaliers most valuable player in the first half?

The hardest part is probably defining the word "valuable." Do you just interpret as being the best player on the team? Or does it go further than that? Does it include intangibles and context within the team? That's up to you I guess, but I tend to just go with the most productive player.

Throughout the season, I post recaps of each game (duh) and give a Player Of The Game award at the end of each one. Even though I pick my guy, I leave a poll open for you to override me, if you so choose. Along the way, I missed one or two recaps and didn't give out a POTG in one of them, but here are the results from the first 31 games (based on your voting).

Results after the jump!

Kyrie Irving: 13 times

Anderson Varejao: 3 times

Alonzo Gee: 3 times

Ramon Sessions: 3 times

Tristan Thompson: 2 times

Antawn Jamison: 2 times

People that sat through the entire god awful game: 2 times

Semih Erden: Inexplicably, 1 time.

So....Kyrie Irving is the best player on the Cavaliers? He pretty much dominates the POTG awards, but I feel like some people (cough MatthewH cough) would argue that he isn't the best player.

I think it really comes down to either Kyrie or Andy. Here's the case for each:

Irving: He's been the go-to scorer. He's an incredibly efficient scorer that has shown the ability to take over a game when its in the most crucial juncture. He's shown visible signs of improving as a passer and facilitator. His defense has been solid, despite some people telling you that it's been awful. I've watched plenty of video of him and it's really not that bad. He's got the tools to improve and keep in mind that he's just 19 years old. I don't put a ton of stock into intangibles on the court, but this kid has got 'em. He doesn't fear the big moment and while I think the concept of "clutch" is overstated, I'll give him this: he ain't scared. He confidently drives to the hoop with the game on the line and has ice water running through his veins. He's got a PER over 20 as a rookie and I expect that to go up in the second half. The sky is the limit for Kyrie Irving. If he is the best point guard in the NBA in 2 or 3 years, I wouldn't be the least bit surprised.

Varejao: Cavaliers fans will tell you that he's underrated. Rival fans will tell you that he's nothing but an overrated flopper. I think it's somewhere in between, but it leans towards underrated. Andy is one of the better post defenders in the league despite his inability to really check the biggest centers. He's much more suited to defend power forwards, but holds his own against true 7-footers as well. Varejao is an elite offensive rebounder and never gives up on a play. He's got very quick feet and active hands for a big man. Like Kyrie, I feel like he has some real intangible skills that are frequently on display. His hustle is infectious and as we saw last season, he's the heart and soul of this squad. I'm probably most impressed by his improved offensive skills this year. With Irving at the helm, he's become a real threat on pick and rolls. His consistency, however, is his true calling card. I feel like I am writing "Varejao had 15 points and 13 rebounds" in nearly every single recap. He's the one true constant on this rebuilding Cavs team.

What say you, FTS readers? Who has been the Cavaliers MVP in the first half?

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