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NBA Rumors: Hawks Interested In Ramon Sessions?

Bob Finnan from the News-Herald tossed around the idea that the Atlanta Hawks would be interested in the services of Ramon Sessions. Some of the FTS commenters have suggested the idea that the Cavs would trade Sessions for Marvin Williams and perhaps (?) a draft pick. Here's what Finnan wrote:

One rumor making its rounds is the Cavs sending guard Ramon Sessions to Atlanta for small forward Marvin Williams. That doesn’t work under the salary cap, as Williams is making $7.5 million, compared to Sessions’ $4.3 million. The 6-9 Williams would be a major upgrade over the Cavs’ Omri Casspi at small forward, but he doesn’t appear to be the long-term answer at the position. Don’t totally discount it, however, because Williams has announced he wants to be traded, and Cavs GM Chris Grant was the one who drafted him in Atlanta.

As he notes, Chris Grant drafted Williams and may see something in him that I do not, but I don't like the trade. Williams just acts as a stopgap at SF and doesn't really fix anything going forward. Unless you think there is some crazy untapped potential in Williams, this trade doesn't make much sense.

Here are the stats for Williams, including his earth-shattering PER of 15.2 (!!!!!)

There's the possibility that this trade would be expanded to include guys such as Kirk Hinrich and Antawn Jamison, but I'm not sure how they helps the Cavaliers, either. If the Hawks add a first round draft pick, then we can talk.

Here's the Hawks blog talking about the trade possibility, so you can get a sense of what they are thinking.

Even though I think it's dumb, it's my duty to present these possibilities to you guys. So what do you think? Sessions for Williams?