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Ranking the Cavaliers Roster Part II

As my series of ranking the players on the Cavaliers rolls on we've come to the airing of grievances. Wait, no. We've come to the best half of the roster and a couple players that make it truly fun to watch this team night in and night out.

7. Omri Casspi

The Israeli has struggled mightily to settle in during his brief time with the Cavaliers. There's little question the trade that brought him in thus far has become quickly forgotten about in NBA circles due to both players bringing nothing to their new teams. The thing that concerns me about Omri is that he's definitely regressed in almost everything in each season of his young career. I'm hoping for a turnaround at some point and it's on Byron Scott and the staff to get more out of Casspi from here on out.

6. Tristan Thompson

While many people are super high on young Tigger so far, my optimism is lower than most. I'm sure that he'll be a productive player for quite a long time but he's 3-4 years away from being a true threat in every single game. Few players in the league need more polishing up of their offensive game but Thompson is someone who each season I am confident will keep sneaking up this list. But for now, he's just not there quite yet.

5. Alonzo Gee

One of the best little known stories in the NBA is how well Gee has played for the team this season. It was a disappointment to not see him in the Slam Dunk Contest Saturday night but all in all he's become a gem. Prior to the season I was indifferent to him making the team. And most of you were too. Yet now I'm desperate for the team to sign him for a couple years as he hits restricted free agency this summer. Finding Gee has truly been a massive addition to the future prospects of the Kyrie Irving Era.

4. Antawn Jamison

Most Fear the Sword folks are all over Jamison because his game honestly does look pretty bad. But, I do definitely think overall he's played his best basketball as a Cavalier thus far this season. He needs quite a few shots to get his points but he's one of two guys on the team capable of carrying the team multiple times during a week. I like him paired with Anderson Varejao much more than with our other centers (sorry to be Captain Obvious there) as he can have his defensive and rebounding shortcomings masked a bit by the Brazilian.

3. Ramon Sessions

Throw anything about the 2011-2012 Cavaliers at me. I don't care whether it is about a certain kid from Duke or not. The most incredible and cool thing about the season thus far is how Sessions has shot the three pointer. Entering the season in 259 games he had hit 13-71 bombs for 18.3%. I give him loads of credit for hitting 20-46 for 43.5% this season. Most people want to trade him immediately but I'm all over keeping him. I'd even re-sign him. When lower level teams like the Cavs get a player this talented you cannot simply dumb him for the 24th pick in the draft. Keep in mind he's just 25 and is playing in a tough spot. Eventually, he's going to get moved and that's fine but I will be upset if we underrate him and don't get enough when he does leave. Also, I love to see him paired in the backcourt with his understudy.

2. Anderson Varejao

The people calling for him to be shipped out don't watch full games. I could talk for hours about how he's the dream of any coach or teammate. I have higher respect for him than any current Cleveland athlete as his nonstop, consistent 100% motor on both ends of the court have boosted the play and spirits of his teammates game after game. He's been the best offensive rebounder in the game today. The real indirect reason we eventually got Kyrie was because Andy missed too many games. last year. The team performs much better with him on the floor and he's the opposite of JaVale McGee. Watch ESPN and you want McGee and don't know who Varejao is. But, if you watch five games of each team, you're all over Andy and would show your appreciation. Go away, Andy haters!

1. Kyrie Irving

In a couple months he'll win the Rookie of the Year. In about a year he'll be in the All-Star game. What else do I need to say? He's been phenomenal. Great pick, Chris Grant.

How does your list of the top Cavaliers players compare to mine?